Travis RuppWho is Travis Rupp?

Travis Rupp is both an adjunct lecturer at the University of Colorado Boulder in Classics, Anthropology, Art History, and Continuing Education and a full-time brewer in Special Projects at Avery Brewing Company.  Travis is a graduate of the University of Iowa (B.A. English and Secondary Education, 2002; M.A. Ancient History, 2007; Post-Bac. Classical Languages, 2008) and the University of Colorado Boulder (M.A. Classics, 2010).

Travis teaches Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Near Eastern, and Roman art, archaeology, and history at CU Boulder.  He has presented at CAMWS (Classical Associations of the Middle West and South) six times and the American Homebrewers Association in 2015.  He will continue with a series of talks in 2016 at a variety of beer and classics conferences and public events.

His research interests combine his two professions and focus on beer and alcohol in antiquity.  He is currently working on his first book, which covers beer and alcohol in the Ancient Mediterranean.


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